Dock [Quai]

Katherine Knight

Date de naissance 1955
Lieu de naissance Ottawa, Ontario

Toronto-based artist Katherine Knight captures the quiet moments before a humid summer storm in this black and white photograph from her series called The Bubble, created between 1998-2001 at Lake Scattergood in the Gatineau Hills. Known for here landscape-based photographic work, Knight seeks to capture the intangible qualities of air, light, and stillness. Here, she conjures a fleeting summer moment: children in the process of making large soap bubbles, which, in this series, become metaphors for impermanence and inevitable change.

Technique épreuve à la gélatine argentique sur papier
DATE 2001
DIMENSIONS 101,6cm x 101,6cm x 0cm
Numéro d'acquisition 2008.09.05
Détails Collection de la Galerie d'art d'Ottawa : don de l'artiste, 2008
Description du catalogue
A black and white photograph of women creating large bubbles on a dock. The dock runs from the foreground to the middle ground of the photo into a tree lined lake. Three women are making large bubbles with loops and one is wearing a bathing suit and is jumping from the dock into the lake, her back to the viewer.

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