For the Man who would be Kingsize

Mark Marsters

Date de naissance 1962
Lieu de naissance Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Date du décès 2002
Lieu du décès Ottawa, Ontario
Technique techniques mixtes
DATE 1996
DIMENSIONS 424,2cm x 259,1cm x 10,3cm
Numéro d'acquisition 2009.07.04
Détails Collection de la Galerie d'art d'Ottawa : don de la famille Marsters, 2009
Description du catalogue
A large painting done in billboard style, divided into two spaces. The larger, lefthand space is a sombre painting of a wooden life boat with eight men and a dog on board. The men are in various sitting and standing positions. "Filter Queen of the St. Lawrence" is painted on the side of the boat. The man at the back of the boat is reaching into the water, holding onto the cord of the outbound motor, which is not attached to the boat, but is in the hands of a person underwater in a scuba diving suit. There are five people in scuba suits under the boat, four of them are wearing deflated life preservers around their necks. The smaller space a vertical slice on the right hand side is painted in bright colours, as an advertisement for the cigarettes that are found throughout the space on the left. A shelf runs along the bottom of the piece with ash trays and large cigarettes scattered.

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