Celestial Guardian No. 3 [Gardien céleste no 3]

Norman Takeuchi

Date de naissance 1937
Lieu de naissance Vancouver, British Columbia

Norman Takeuchi is an Ottawa based painter and draftsman who is known for his refined color sense. Completed in 2009, Celestial Guardian No. 3 is an example of Takeuchi’s work that marks a turn towards his exploration of his heritage and dual identity as a Japanese Canadian, following an earlier focus on abstraction. Inspired by the traditional Japanese woodblock print technique, the painting features two Japanese figures in the background, who appear protected by the celestial guardian in the foreground, while dark abstract swirls in the middle evoke a sense of uneasiness.

Technique acrylique sur toile
DATE 2009
DIMENSIONS 121,9cm x 185,1cm x 4,1cm
Numéro d'acquisition 2010.10.08
Détails Collection de la Galerie d'art d'Ottawa : don de l'artiste, 2010
Description du catalogue
The top half of the painting features two classically styled geishas in front of a screen. Dark blue shapes are imposed over the image, obscuring areas. In the bottom of the painting is a bald, muscular figure with exaggerated features. Blue shapes of different shades obscure areas of the image.

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