The Fate of the truth seeker company

Juan Geuer

Date de naissance 1917
Lieu de naissance Soest, Holland
Date du décès 2009
Lieu du décès Almonte, Ontario
Technique collage et techniques mixtes sur aggloméré
DATE v.1974
DIMENSIONS 121,9cm x 73,7cm x 0,6cm
Numéro d'acquisition 2013.04.11
Détails Collection de la Galerie d'art d'Ottawa : don d'Else Geuer-Vermeij, 2013
Description du catalogue
An abstract paint collage on a line graph with text and images of geometric shapes, graphs, and a map laid on top. Primary colours accent the collage: a yellow filled line graph on bottom left, a blue diagonal line graph in center, and a vertical red bar on the right edge. The work refers to the “Truth Seeker Company” that Geuer founded in 1973, as a tongue-in-cheek umbrella under which he could continue his researches the connections between art and science and what he considered the public's indifference toward creativity. This collage is a bridge-work of Geuer’s shift began to move away from painting towards a more mixed media practice.

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