Resurrection I

Gerald Trottier

Date de naissance 1925
Lieu de naissance Ottawa, Ontario
Date du décès 2004
Lieu du décès Ottawa, Ontario
Technique acrylique sur toile
DATE 1982
DIMENSIONS 126,4cm x 152,4cm
Numéro d'acquisition 2013.07.19
Détails Collection de la Galerie d'art d'Ottawa : don d'Irma Trottier, 2013
Description du catalogue
An acrylic painting of an aerial view of a resurrection scene in an agricultural landscape. In the top center, a large elevated nude male with his arms on his sides, his head and neck stretched upwards. Below in foreground on the ground in smaller scale are scattered plinths with human figures or symbols on top. Naked human figures are scattered in groups: laying, praying, holding signs, sitting, and walking, reading sheets from the ground. On the right center, a group wearing white robes and pointed hats march toward the background.

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