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Aphoristic Currents [Courants aphoristiques]

Meryl McMaster

Date de naissance 1988
Lieu de naissance Ottawa, Ontario

How do written texts influence our identity? In Meryl McMaster’s photograph Aphoristic Currents, wave-like ripples of twisted newspapers swirl around the artist’s head. Reminiscent of an Elizabethan ruff collar, the swirling shapes almost engulf McMaster, a commentary on the capacity of language and print media to influence our perception of identity and culture. Based in Ottawa, McMaster primarily uses photography as a method of storytelling, and in this case, personal transformation. This work is from her series “In-Between Worlds,” which explores the connections between her Plains Cree and European ancestry.

Technique épreuve chromogène numérique sur papier
DATE 2013
DIMENSIONS 127cm x 91cm
Numéro d'acquisition 2014.12.02
Détails Collection de la Galerie d'art d'Ottawa : achat avec le soutien financier du Programme d'art Elizabeth L. Gordon, programme de la Fondation Walter Duncan, administré par la Foundation des arts de l'Ontario, ainsi qu'avec le soutien financier du Programme d'aide aux acquisitions du Conseil des arts du Canada, 2014
Description du catalogue
A photograph documentation of a performance piece. The image is of a person's head, with a white painted face and black dots. She is positioned in the upper right quadrant of the image with rolled newspapers folded in a circular pattern around her that fill the frame of the image. A portion of grey/blue sky is seen in the background of the upper left corner.

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