Lowertown, Ottawa [Basse-Ville, Ottawa]

Gerald Trottier

Date de naissance 1925
Lieu de naissance Ottawa, Ontario
Date du décès 2004
Lieu du décès Ottawa, Ontario

With rich color and painterly brushstrokes, artist Gerald Trottier conjures a twilight scene illuminated by a lone streetlight and offers us a glimpse of Lowertown in the mid-century. Born in Ottawa in 1925, Trottier studied at the Arts Student League in New York in the late 1940s, during which time he began to depict street life in New York, Hull, and the Ottawa region. While Trottier’s prolific career spanned a wide range of mediums and subject matter, including self-portraiture, murals, and liturgical art, his early practice began with social realist works like this acrylic work on paper, recording scenes that reflected the realities of daily life.

Technique acrylique sur papier
DATE v.1945 - 1947
DIMENSIONS 37,4cm x 47,6cm
Numéro d'acquisition 2016.01.07
Détails Collection de la Galerie d'art d'Ottawa : don d'Irma Trottier, 2016.
Description du catalogue
A painting depicting a street scene at night with the central focus being on a group of figures gathered under a lamp in the middle of the street. The two central figures are engaged in something while the others are gathered around watching. The street is painted in thick grey and grey-blue brushstrokes and is flanked by tall buildings on the left and right in muted greys and browns. There is a tall lamp post silhouetted against a dark blue sky in on the right side and extending out of frame at the top. A second lamp post is behind it, to the right. The first lamps brightly illuminates the figures in the street below.

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