Ghitta Caiserman

Date de naissance 1923
Lieu de naissance Montreal, Quebec
Date du décès 2005
Lieu du décès Montreal, Quebec
Technique eau-forte et aquatinte sur papier
DATE 1998
DIMENSIONS 50,8cm x 38,7cm
Numéro d'acquisition 2016.01.17
Détails Collection de la Galerie d'art d'Ottawa : don de Kathe Roth, 2016.
Description du catalogue
An etching printed in blue and black ink on paper depicting an abstract scene of various superimposed figures, animals and shapes. The image can be divided into three components. The first being a column on the left side comprising a little more than a quarter of the image. This depicts the figure and shapes printed in blue and black. The number 23 appears just above the middle. The second part of the image takes up most of the remaining space and consists of a horse and various figures and shapes strewn across the space. There is a checkered pattern in some of the shapes and the image is in black and white except for 4 horizontal bars at the right side. The number 8 and what looks like a backward J appear in a box to the left of the horse's head. The final component of the print is a thin strip along the top of the image with the horse, which depicts a row of star and triangular shapes in blue against a white background.

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