New York Street Scene [Scène de rue à New York]

Pegi Nicol MacLeod

Date de naissance 1904
Lieu de naissance Listowel, Ontario
Date du décès 1949
Lieu du décès New York, U.S.A.

Look closely. How many figures in pink can you count in this colourful work by Pegi Nicol MacLeod? Capturing a dynamic street scene below her East 88th Street apartment in New York City, MacLeod actually shows the same figure sweeping from seven different vantage points! A well-known figure in early Canadian modernism, MacLeod moved to New York in the late 1930s, where she captured scenes of vibrant life around her. This watercolour painting is typical of MacLeod’s “kaleidoscope vision,” an experimental technique she developed, using an expressive style to convey repetitive views.

Technique aquarelle et graphite sur papier
DATE 1945
DIMENSIONS 45,1cm x 59,7cm
Numéro d'acquisition 2016.12.03
Détails Collection de la Galerie d'art d'Ottawa : la Collection Laura Brandon d'art de femmes canadiennes, Galerie d'art d'Ottawa, Don de Laura Brandon, 2016
Description du catalogue
An expressive and colorful composition depicting figures in movement. Tones of muted green dominate the painting. A figure, wearing a white skirt and a contrasting dark pink shirt, is depicted in different positions throughout the painting. Artist referred to her experimental technique as the ''kaleidoscope vision'' where she expressed different views/movement through expressive brushstrokes.

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