What not

Martin Golland

Date de naissance 1975
Lieu de naissance Montpellier, France
Technique huile sur toile
DATE 2012
DIMENSIONS 152,4cm x 274,3cm x 4,4cm
Numéro d'acquisition 2018.10.13
Détails Collection de la Galerie d'art d'Ottawa : don de l'artiste, 2018
Description du catalogue
A large-scale oil painting of an imagined urban scene that is created though the fusion of various architectural elements with strong geometric shapes. The foreground shows a line of dark blue/green trees on the left, as viewed across an open space filled with green, light brown and purple. Tall purple-toned buildings stand in the background on the right. The focus of the image is on a large brown steel beam structure with pieces joined at angles. A large beam with holes along its length cuts across the width of the painting, while another beam rises on the left side to support a little cabin at the top and a large rectangular panel with coloured geometric shapes along its right side. In the background, a warm yellow and white sky is pictured close to the horizon, fading to cooler blue tones above.

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