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In the Flesh: Lance Belanger, Dana Claxton, Brad Isaacs, Meryl McMaster 

Texts by Ariel Smith and Ola Wlusek

Produced to coincide with the National Gallery of Canada's Sakahàn: International Indigenous Art exhibition held in Ottawa in 2013, this OAG publication features the works of four artists of First Nations heritage who examine the hierarchical relationship between humans and animals within a cultural and museological context, and investigate colonial politics and issues of gender as they relate to the mastery of the natural world. Artists include Dana Claxton (Dakota), Lance Belanger (Maliseet), Brad Isaacs (mixed heritage), and Meryl McMaster (Plains Cree). 


83 pp; softcover
Col. ill.; 8.5 x 6 in

Published Year: 2013
Cost: $20.00
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