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Natural Motif: Lorraine Gilbert & Natasha Mazurka 

Text by Catherine Sinclair 

This publication highlights works by two Canadian artists, landscape photographer Lorraine Gilbert and painter Natasha Mazurka, and features a text by curator Catherine Sinclair. Inspired by the Firestone Collection of Canadian Art as part of the OAG’s 2013 Intervention Series, Gilbert and Mazurka both draw inspiration from the Group of Seven. Though distinct, both Gilbert and Mazurka’s work reveal how the images and patterns of the natural world we observe have been chosen by the artist, framed for our consumption, and carry with them the weight of a selected history. 


26 pp; softcover
Col. ill.; 8.5 x 6 in

Published Year: 2013
Cost: $15.00
This publication is available for purchase in the OAG shop.

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