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Keith Piper & Ramona Ramlochand: The Night Has a Thousand Eyes

Texts by Sylvie Fortin and Cameron Bailey

This publication follows an exhibition of a collaborative multimedia installation held at the OAG in 1997. Through an intricate play of projections, Canadian artist Ramona Ramlochand reveals the interconnection of here and there, then and now. British artist Keith Piper weaves an elaborate network of images and language into a work which compares the development of the postmodern city to the confusion of the biblical city of Babel. Addressing the changing notion of the self as determined by surveillance technologies and the digitalization of the world, Ramlochand and Piper’s work is discussed in this publication which features essays by Sylvie Fortin, and Cameron Bailey. 

Published Year: 2000
Additional Information:

88 pp; softcover
Col. ill.;  10 x 7 in

Cost: $25.00
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