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Michèle Provost: Everything Must Go

Texts by Alice Ming Wai Jim, Diana Freundl, Michelle Gewurtz, and Michelle Jacques

Multi-media artist Michele Provost presents an ambitious examination of the place of art and artists within a market-driven society. Highlighting the potential for commodification, she has created a liquidation sale of a line of handmade home decor items, aesthetically based on the legacy - both real and imagined - of an iconic Canadian artist of the twentieth century. Couched within her ongoing focus on our complex relationship with cultural expression and pop culture, Provost’s installation further contrasts her own non-celebrity status with that of the case-study aesthetic she employs. In its liquidated state, this body of work questions the place of star power - along with the impact of commercially inspired initiatives - not only on the artists’ perception of themselves, but also on their art-making. In English and French.

46 pp; softcover
Col. ill; 22.23 x 0.64 x 27.31 cm
English, French

Published Year: 2018
Cost: $20.00
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