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Survol: Suzanne Rivard Le Moyne

Texts by Anne Bénichou and Diane Génier

If, in fact, the invisible can be rendered visible by certain works of art, then the artworks of Suzanne Rivard Le Moyne are part of this project. This bilingual exhibition publication with eight full colour plates, explores how Rivard Le Moyne’s works are evidence of an intimate practice where the coexistence of reason and emotion is attempted. Texts by Anne Bénichou, and Diane Génier expand on how Rivard Le Moyne’s intense concentration and specificity of her technique is indicative of her preoccupation with the surpassing of oneself. 

Published Year: 1996
Additional Information:

56 pp; softcover
Col. ill.; 6 x 9 in

Cost: $20.00
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