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Future Garden 《未來花園》 | Looking Within the Shadows of the Red Sun 《在紅日的陰影中尋尋覓覓》

September 7, 2023
 - September 7, 2025


Jackson Café | 積遜咖啡廳

Come to the Jackson Café to discover two large murals, featuring the digital artwork of Eric Chan (aka eepmon)!

In Future Garden, eepmon provokes an emotional response synonymous with that evoked by nature. Take a moment to envisage the ambient sounds of the wind ruffling the forest leaves, juxtaposed with the darkest of evenings. Expand your awareness and sense of calm. Reflect and take a moment to return to serenity.

Looking Within the Shadows of the Red Sun is inspired by an artwork, originally painted by a friend of his great-grandfather, found in the artist’s childhood home. For this work here, eepmon drew out motifs such as oxen turning and tilling the soil, backdropped by a Chinese folding fan. To ‘peer into’ the red sun's shadows is a metaphor for the artists’ reconnection with his Chinese ancestry.

Open edition prints are available to purchase at the OAG Shop. A percentage of the sales go towards a charitable donation to the Chinese Unit - The Glebe Centre Longterm Care.


透過作品《未來花園》(Future Garden),eepmon喚起的情感,與大自然所誘發的相仿。欣賞作品時,不妨花點時間想象風吹拂森林樹葉的氛圍聲音,與夜間最幽暗的時間形成對比。擴展你的覺知和平靜感。反思並花點時間回歸寧靜。

《在紅日的陰影中尋尋覓覓》(Looking Within the Shadows of the Red Sun)的靈感,來自於藝術家兒時家中發現的一幅畫作,該作品由藝術家曾祖父的朋友繪製。而在本作品,eepmon以中國摺扇作為背景,描繪了牛隻翻土等的不同圖案。藝術家借「窺探」紅日的陰影,隱喻了自己與其華裔祖先的重新結連。


Photo | 攝影:Zara Ansar

Ottawa-based artist Eric Chan, known professionally as eepmon, has exhibited worldwide. Through collaboration, his digital artworks have reached a wide gamut of industries spanning retail, popular media, startups, to institutions – Canada Goose, Marvel, Peanuts comics, Xbox, Fung Group Explorium Shanghai, and the Canada Science and Technology Museum. eepmon took over Times Square in New York City to launch his NFT CityLights in 2021, and is a recipient of the 2023 Library and Archives Canada Scholar Awards.

渥太華藝術家陳詩亮 (Eric Chan),行內稱為eepmon,其作品在全球各地均有展出。通過合作,其數碼藝術作品遍及多個行業,包括零售、大眾媒體、初創企業及其他機構,如Canada Goose、漫威(Marvel)、花生漫畫(Peanuts)、Xbox、馮氏集團上海利程坊以及加拿大科學技術博物館。eepmon在2021年紐約時代廣場的大屏幕上展示了全版廣告,推出他的NFT 系列 《城市之光》(CityLights),並榮獲2023年加拿大國家圖書館暨檔案館學人獎。

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Cantonese Translation | 中文翻譯:Darius Wong

Images | 圖片 :

EEPMON, Looking Within the Shadows of the Red Sun 《在紅日的陰影中尋尋覓覓》, 2009 | 2009年. Courtesy of the artist | 由藝術家提供.

EEPMON, Future Garden 《未來花園》, 2012 | 2012年. Courtesy of the artist | 由藝術家提供.

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