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The Marks We Make

January 19, 2024
 - April 28, 2024

Galerie Annexe  

Marc Adornato, Tiffany April, Andrew Beck, Mary Ann Camps, Rebecca Clouâtre, Maurice Dionne, Alex Fellows, Rachel Gray, Kate Green, Michael Harrington, Elbert Laroc, Marcia Lea, Kenneth Lochhead, Alexa Mazzarello, Reid McLachlan, Patti Normand, Eryn O’Neill, Cheryl Pagurek, Pierre Racine, Valerie Ryan, Peter Shmelzer, Senka Stankovik, Norman Takeuchi, Louis Thériault, Martin Vuong, and Tavi Weisz.  

Examining our relationship to the spaces we move through in our day to day lives, the artworks presented in this exhibit show different perspectives on how we impact a space through our presence or our absence, and how those spaces shape us in turn. Even as we observe a scene devoid of human figures, the artists in this exhibit convey the marks we make on our environment as we make it our home, our path, or our meeting place. 

Some of the artworks presented explore our relationship to nature, reflecting how the natural environment around us has offered solace in periods of isolation, such as those brought on in the past few years by the pandemic. Other artworks make social commentary through their depictions of spaces occupied by humans and the infrastructure we build to support ourselves. At times, we can even see depictions of an experience of becoming part of the environment itself. Some works displayed depict impressions we make on domestic spaces, revealing that presence to an audience not ordinarily invited into those private spaces. 

As we move through these spaces, whether real or imagined, we form narratives that allow us to find insight from the memories stored in a place; the joy, grief, contemplation, or gratitude that can be held by the environments we exist in. 

Curated by: Stephanie Germano & Siobhan Locke

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