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Through the Reeds, and Across the Water

April 27, 2023
 - July 23, 2023

Alex Fellows, Christine Fitzgerald, Clara Kim, Elbert Laroc, Emilie Darlington, Fivi Lu, Juliana McDonald, Karen Bell, Karen Whyte, Kat Jetté, Lilith Ohan, Lori Coulter, Lynne Morin, Marc Adornato, Patti Normand, Paul Sharp, Pierre Racine, Pina Manoni-Rennick, Ryan Hill, S. Maria Brandt, Sandra Hawkins, Sarah Bradfield, Sébastien Moreau, Sharon Lafferty, Stuart Kinmond, Tavi Weisz, Yuliya Chernyshova

A draw to nature, either from afar, or at our feet where detailed textures invite us to explore further with all our senses, is what unites the selection of artwork in this exhibition. Whether it’s the vastness of a landscape and the abstract compositions and shapes it can take on, or the intimacy and mystery of a secluded corner of the city or maybe even our own backyard, the artists in this exhibition express the allure of the plant and animal life that we are lucky enough to live amongst.

This exhibition includes imaginative depictions and unique lenses into the artists’ view of the natural world through landscape, cityscape, and still life painting in acrylic, watercolour, and oil, as well as photography, pastel drawing, bronze sculpture, and sculptural assembly. Human figures and infrastructure appear in some of the artwork, showing our relationship to environment more narratively, while other works create atmosphere and intrigue through portrayals of nature that invite the viewer to participate in that relationship.

Image: Stuart Kinmond, Recombinated, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 153 x 102 cm. Purchase price: $4,200.00. Rental price: $210.00 per month.

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