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Art Auction TD Emerging Artist Recognition Wall

May 11, 2022

“As part of our goal to help people feel a sense of belonging in their communities, TD is proud to support Arts and Culture events, initiatives and organizations across North America that amplify diverse voices.

In that spirit, we are proud to support the Ottawa Art Gallery and the Emerging Artist Wall at the Give To Get Art Auction. We celebrate the achievements of the emerging artists featured here today, and the potential of those whose work may be featured here in the future.” 

Featured emerging auction artists, with more to be added!

From left to right: Maria Aguila-Cruz, Priya Gurnani and Willem Deisinger

Maria Aguila-Cruz
Maria Aguila-Cruz is an emerging artist based in Ottawa. Aguila-Cruz moved from Ecuador with her family at a young age. She has a growing visual arts practice at BEING Studio where she explores the theme of home through soft sculpture, embroidery, and tapestry work.

Priya Gurnani
Priya’s art reflects her dreamscape; a haven that hosts the vibrant dancing Aurora Borealis on their mountainous stages. Priya uses various media such as ink, gouache, pencil crayons, and watercolours to capture melancholy movements and accentuates them with minimal linework, embroidery, and found botanical materials.

Willem Deisinger
Willem Deisinger is an Ottawa born artist finishing his Undergraduate degree in Philosophy at the University of Ottawa. His work explores the differences and imperfections between the ordinary world and utopian ideals by building conceptual narratives. He has recently exhibited his piece A Tool to Touch With, a work that displays a relationship between an AI and a gardener, at Wallacks for Nosy Mag and has been awarded the SAFA Research Award at the University of Ottawa.


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