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Giv’em a Half Turn

March 15, 2020

Give ‘em a Half Turn, 1979. Directed by Reevan Dolgoy Film, 10 min 34 sec . Courtesy of the National Film Board of Canada.

OAG’s current exhibition Russell Yuristy: The Inside of Elephants and All Kinds of Things, celebrates the poignantly playful multimedia practice of Canadian artist Russell Yuristy, focusing mainly on the dynamic period between 1970 and 1990. Throughout this period, Yuristy crafted a whimsical portrait of the natural world, rural culture and his place in both; emerging as one of the most unique Canadian anti-establishment artists.

In lieu of being able to see the current exhibit at the moment, you can watch the NFB’s iconic short (10 mins) documentary Giv ‘em a Half Turn for a glimpse into Yuristy’s creations.


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