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New and Departing OAG Board Members

June 30, 2022

OAG acknowledges two outgoing board members:

Barbara Uteck steps down from the OAG’s Board after serving nine years. She joined the OAG at the beginning of the OAG Expansion Project, and brought important insights and community connections to the OAG while also playing a significant role in board governance, recruitment and succession.

Dominique Dennery came onto the OAG’s Board in 2019 bringing important consultation and change management experience to the OAG. She played a critical role in facilitating a community dialogue, which explored anti-black racism in the arts in Ottawa that led to many amazing initiatives and projects.

OAG welcomes three new Board Members!

Stanley Wany

Stanley Wany is a multidisciplinary artist whose focus is writing and drawing graphic novels. His practice also includes experimentation in painting, pen and ink, as well as digital collage. He holds a Baccalaureate of arts and design (bande dessinée) from the Université du Québec en Outaouais. For Those Who Chose the Sea is currently on view at OAG.

Maureen Cunningham

Maureen advises, teaches and writes about leadership, teams, culture and change. Maureen has helped create powerful change in groups as large as 12,000 people and as small as two people. Her work has included major business transformations, organization-wide culture change, mergers, new organizational visions and directions as well as strengthening teams and cultures from the leadership level to the front line. Maureen has also worked with small businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

Bastien Martel

Bastien Martel is a sculptor with art studies in Montréal, Toronto and Honolulu. He has had numerous private commissions in Montréal, Toronto and Ottawa, and gallery representation in Europe and North America, through group and solo shows. Bastien is the Vice-President of the Board of the Society of Canadian Sculptors and Vice-President of the Board of the National Capital Network of Sculptors


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