Riot 3 (Am I my Brother’s Keeper?)

Ghitta Caiserman

Date de naissance 1923
Lieu de naissance Montreal, Quebec
Date du décès 2005
Lieu du décès Montreal, Quebec
Technique eau-forte et aquatinte sur papier
DATE v. 1967 - 1969
DIMENSIONS 38,7cm x 38,7cm
Numéro d'acquisition 2016.01.15
Détails Collection de la Galerie d'art d'Ottawa : don de Kathe Roth, 2016.
Description du catalogue
A square etching printed in black ink The top third of the image depicts a series of six faces in different positions, five of them with hands across the face in various poses: clasped in front, across the mouth, resting against the cheek etc. Across the middle of the image there are three segments. From left to right: a person holding another, who appears collapsed against them (this image is partially overlaid with horizontal bars of varying thickness), a man holding a person tightly against his chest (completely overlaid with horizontal bars of varying thickness), and a series of numbers arranged in three rows (126: 698: 891). Finally, in the bottom portion of the image is a partial verse from the bible in cursive writing: <>

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