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Jobena Petonoquot: Rebellion of my Ancestors | Nid Ànike-mishòmisibaneg Od-Àbimìtàgewiniwà

Robert Kautuk & Leslie Reid: Dark Ice

Frances-Anne Johnston: Art and Life

Carbon + Light: Juan Geuer's Luminous Precision

Russell Yuristy: The Inside of Elephants and All Kinds of Things

MICHAEL BELMORE and A.J. CASSON: Nkweshkdaadiimgak Miinwaa Bakeziibiisan


Jesse Stewart: Icebreaking

Michèle Provost: Everything Must Go

Àdisòkàmagan / Nous connaître un peu nous-mêmes / We’ll all become stories

Howie Tsui: Retainers of Anarchy

Contrarieties & Counterpoints: Melanie Authier

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